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The Phoenix Area Quilt Shop Association hosts the shop hop once a year so that the local shops of Arizona can be featured and show off the wonderful things they have to offer! Once you buy your passport, you will get all of the official rules, but see the information below for the general layout!

Here's how it works: 

- On August 16, passports will go on sale at all participating shops (see the map below) 
- Purchase your passport and get a map, so you can start planning your route for the week of October 11-19, 2024 (You can purchase as many passports as you want!) 
- From 10/11 - 10/19, you will visit as many shops as you can and view a demo of their favorite item of the season! Each shop will have a different item to demo. 
- After you watch the demo, get a stamp on your passport 
- Then you can shop all you want at each shop! 
- Collect as many stamps from the shops as you can within the week
- Turn in your passport at any participating shop before the final day of the shop hop
- After the final day, the shops will get together and draw passports for winners to the 30+ prizes we have to offer!

Passports will also be on sale at the Rusty Barn Quilt Show at Westworld on August 29-31, 2024, so look for our booth!